Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday Night in Belltown


The works in "TIKKKI" owe as much to Goya and Durer as to grafitti and comics, making them a true mash-up of opposing histories and artistic traditions.

Nicoletta Ceccoli & Kukula @ Roq La Rue

All the work in this show was darkly romantic and lovely, as it was meant to be. The 'memento mori' installation of Kukula's small-format paintings enhanced their tiny, glossy preciousness. The work by Nicoletta Ceccoli was a true standout. Highlights included a group of 5 limited edition prints in which Ceccoli combines her soft, dreamy painting with the type of simulated depth of field you see in 3-d renderings and CGI graphics. I can't guess how it is done, but the result is really unique and strangely realistic.

"Corvi" by Nicoletta Ceccoli, at Roq La Rue

Reclaim @ Suite 100

Also of interest was “Reclaim: Artistic Examinations of Circuit Bending” at Suite 100 Gallery - a group of detailed line drawings resembling impossible circuit diagrams and various circuit bent toys/machines.

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