Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Moment in the Sun

I would like to thank everybody who has sent press releases, said hello, traded links, offered drinks, and generally welcomed me to the Seattle art blogging community - do you people know how nice you are?

I thought this would be an undercover operation for a little while longer, but the ante is officially upped.

I am so glad that people are finding this site and the art calendar useful. I've been wanting such a tool for a while, and thought others might as well. What is my goal, you ask? I'm promoting the live. breathe. eat. sleep. art. lifestyle. Total Art Immersion is possible and good for you! Seattle has such an abundance of museums, galleries, alternative spaces, temporary spaces, quirks, oddities, and cafe walls - Lois Lane, cultural detective and reporter for the people, is on the case, scouting venues large and small.

Oh, and Regina Hackett - you can be Brenda Starr - now who wants to be Nancy Drew?

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