Saturday, July 7, 2007

Squishy AND Squashy - "3's a Crowd" tonight at Bluebottle

Now showing at Bluebottle Gallery + Store in Capitol Hill:

"3's a Crowd," work by Anna Chambers, Michelle Valigura & Amanda Visell

"This exhibition will feature 60’s era Disney inspired paintings by Amanda Visell and the squishy squashy intricately created plush artwork of Anna Chambers and Michelle Valigura.

"Batman Ate Robin," Anna Visell

If this image seems hauntingly familiar, Anna has worked on various animated television shows, such as Futurama, Power Puff Girls.

"Sea Sick Whale," Michelle Valigura

Amanda and Michelle together created The Girls a company that creates original properties for animation as well as unique products. Most recently they produced original artwork and imagery for a product line to celebrate the Pirates of the Caribbean 40th anniversary at Disneyland."

The opening reception for "3's a Crowd" is tonight, Saturday, July 7, from 6 - 8 pm.

Bluebottle Art Gallery + Store is located at 415 East Pine.

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