Friday, August 3, 2007

For the Photography-Minded

Perhaps you are more photography than fashion: Here's an alternative plan for Saturday afternoon.

Benham Gallery is presenting a walkthrough presentation with Tyler Boley, one of the artists from their current exhibition of B&W landscape photography. According to Benham, "Tyler Boley treats the common vista like the great historic photographers of our time treated the grand landscapes. His formal approach to the every day view gives one a sense of awe and a newly found respect for visual opportunities closer to home."

photography by Tyler Boley, currently showing at Benham Gallery

During the walkthrough presentation, Tyler Boley will discuss digital carbon pigment inkjet prints in regards to the place these prints hold in the fine art world. For non photo-techie-junkies, digital carbon pigment inkjet printing is a highly specific form of B&W digital printing, which gives unique results different from your average 'giclee' print and different from a traditional darkroom print as well.

The walkthrough starts at 2 pm. Benham Gallery is located at 1216 First Ave.

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