Friday, September 14, 2007

Opening Tonight @ McLeod Residence

Don't forget "The More You Know" opens tonight (and runs through November 3). Remember the old NBC public service announcements? I have vague recollections of a Bill Cosby and a shooting star...

"The More You Know, the latest exhibit at Belltown’s McLeod Residence, takes us back to a time when sugar-laden cereal was palatable, encyclopedias had yet to be usurped by Google, our favorite bands were our whole identity and celebrity PSAs really meant something. Featuring work by Jeff Bender, Jason Huntley and Jeffrey Sarmiento, The More You Know opens with a reception on Friday, September 14, from 6-9pm.

A nod to fall and back-to-school times, The More You Know features icons of our teenage years with a twist--historical texts and images encased in a thick layer of glass, fallen celebrities portrayed in breakfast cereal, and photographs of popular musicians in unexpected contexts."

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