Monday, December 10, 2007

This Week’s Events: Dec 10 – Dec 16, 2007

Tuesday, December 11

Tacoma Art Museum – “The Arts and the Economy.” Stephanie Stebich, Director of Tacoma Art Museum, and Amy McBride, Arts Administrator for the City of Tacoma, discuss the many ways arts and culture positively impact the local economy, both in terms of employment and tourism. Senior (65+) admission on Second Tuesdays is reduced to $3.25.

Wednesday, December 12

Northwest Film Forum – As part of a retrospective of the work of Portuguese director Pedro Costa, the NW Film Forum presents the Seattle premiere of “Colossal Youth.” Costa does away with conventional boundaries between fiction and documentary, masterfully shooting non-actors who share the drug problems and dire straits of the "characters" they play. “Colossal Youth” was acclaimed by many critics as the best film of 2006. Film begins at 9:15 pm.

Thursday, December 13

Seattle Art Museum – “Looking at Africans Looking at Europeans from the 17th to the 19th Century,” a Pivotal Perspectives conversation featuring Professor Fémi Táíwò of Seattle University's Philosophy and Global African Studies Program. Japan Envisions the West portrays how Japanese art from the 16th to the 19th century reflects Western influence. This conversation will explore an African perspective on “Western” influence by examining artistic representations–visual, musical and verbal—and the modes of governance, religions, architecture, and philosophical traditions. 7-8 pm. Free with Museum Admission. To reserve your space, please call the SAM Box Office at 206.654.3121.

West Seattle Junction Art Walk – Galleries and participating businesses open from 6-9 pm. For information and maps visit Hotwire Coffeehouse, 4410 California SW, or click here. Openings include:

* Hotwire Coffeehouse – Twilight Artist Collective presents “Historic Pike Place Market in Living 3-D,” anaglyphic photographs by Dean Walch. 6-9 pm.

3-D photographs by Dean Walch at Hotwire Online Coffehouse, West Seattle

* Twilight in the Junction – The Twilight Artist Collective opens their second location in West Seattle, Twilight at the Junction, with a new show featuring Kim McCarthy, Brad Strain, and Justin Hillgrove. Cupcakes and beer were also promised. 6-9 pm.

Friday, December 14

BLVD Gallery - "Good v. Evil: A Group Show" featuring work by some of the Northwests finest illustrators. As much a sociological experiment as an artshow, artists were asked to make two pieces representing Good and Evil. BLVD will be filled with some of the most humorous, original, and truly fine examples of the burgeoning community of illustrators here in the NW. 6-10 pm.

Roq La Rue - SHAG "Motorino" new paintings and prints. Reception from 6-10 pm.

Form/Space Atelier
– “FringeShift: Oil Paintings By Shawn Foote,” with opening reception lecture By Zhi Lin at 7 pm. Foote obtains inspiration from exploring nature. Moving shapes appear naturally in his work. Foote's paintings incredibly combine physics research and the Fringeshift philosophy he has invented to synthesize his scholarly inquiries.

Frye Art Museum – “Friday at the Frye: Wrapped in Hugs.” Friday at the Frye brings together an array of artistic disciplines in creative, exploratory, and engaging ways. For an enhanced social experience, the Museum is open 10 am to 10 pm, with extended café and store hours, plus a cash bar and activities beginning at 7 pm. Activities include a Crafter’s Studio with fun holiday projects, “Critics Wrap 2007,” an evening of festive and feisty film talk and “An Artist’s Guide to Hug,” with artist Alex Schweder sharing his insight of Piccinini's work and posing questions of how the world we design mirrors our collective fantasies about who we are and who we would like to be. Check the Frye website for schedule and times. All activities and admission are free.

Northwest Film Forum
– “A Clockwork Reduction Live” Live Filmmaking in Parts, A Conceptual Project By Seattle School. A live restaging of Andy Warhol’s 1965 film “Vinyl,” as interpreted by a large group of talented directors, performers and others. The restaging will be filmed and turned into a movie at the same time. In theater A, the "Sound Stage," the audience will witness film production in action, video cameras capture 6 directors directing 6 factory-esque models cum actors. In theater B, the "Focus Group" the audience interjects in the creative process. There is a projection of the actors in theater A and composers improvise and perform a live score as they watch. And from the lobby, the "Screening Room," the audience can imbibe, deconstruct, and opine about the entire process. The finished video and audio from both theaters are projected onto a translucent screen. The audience can move around freely throughout the whole facility to see different constrained perspectives of the whole filmmaking process - a very weird, Rube Goldberg version of the filmmaking process. 9 pm (8 pm doors), Fri 14 & Sat 15. $15 general / $12 NWFF members.

Find out what this is about at the Northwest Film Forum this weekend.

Saturday, December 15

Northwest Film Forum
– Last night of “A Clockwork Reduction Live” Live Filmmaking in Parts, A Conceptual Project By Seattle School. 9 pm (8 pm doors), Fri 14 & Sat 15. $15 general / $12 NWFF members.

Gallery 1412
– “Apostrophe,” a monthly series presenting three solo artists in one hour. Without theme or intermission, a dancer, musician and poet present their work, posing questions about the compositional frame (page, body, breath, instrument, floor, room) and how it shapes imagination and space. This month Apostrophe features Jürg Koch (dance), Robert Mittenthal (poetry) and Robert Pedersen (music). 8 pm. $5-15 sliding scale.

Sunday, December 16

Tacoma Art Museum
– “Snowbound,” a new TAM winter tradition. Snowbound. Visitors will have the opportunity to create and decorate paper snowflakes, snow-globes and holiday cookies. The central focus of Snowbound is local artist Alex Schweder’s installation, “Melting Instructions.” The series of installations on the front plaza and in the center courtyard incorporates ice, snow, video projections, lights, and furniture in his installations. The works are meant to evoke the meaning of winter, explore the function of buildings as shelter, and create spaces that change in form and function as winter’s chill melts away. The Melting Instructions installation in the courtyard will then be on view throughout the holiday season for several weeks after the Snowbound event. The plaza installation is on view only until it melts. 12-5 pm. Visitors pay two for one admission on December 16 for Snowbound, with regular adult admission at $7.50 and senior/student/military admission at $6.50.

Northwest Film Forum – “Clockwork Reduction Special Screening.” Presenting the films made on Dec 14 and 15, the participants will also talk over it in a live DVD commentary. 7 pm. Sunday screening FREE for stub keepers from Fri or Sat - all others standard admission of $15 general / $12 NWFF members.

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